Everything you need to know about allotments in Aberdeen

Reading this article you will find out all about all the allotment sites in the Aberdeen area. The cost of the allotment sites and how and where are you can get in contact with the Aberdeen community about allotment sites.

Aberdeen has two types of allotments they have private allotments and they have government allotments run by the Aberdeen city council. The council allotments are in every community, but the private allotments are Slopefield, Sunnybank Park, Heathryfold, Garthdee and Chapelton allotments and more. prices range from £20 to £300 per year.

What is Aberdeen city council allotment?

   Allotments are small pieces of cultivation land that are rented out to grow fruit veg flowers and herbs.

Aberdeen city council are trying to encourage you to growing your own organic produce to encourage exercise in improving your physical well-being they want to help you relax to improve your mental health learn and develop new skills socialise with like-minded people and build a community and help strengthen the wildlife of the Aberdeen area.

Aberdeen Council has 517 allotment plots located around 21 sites there also privately ownership to sites which will talk about later at the allotment plots vary from 300 m² to 225 m² 250 m² for a half size plot all the way down to micro plot of 50 m² the allotment sizes vary depending on the use needs stop.Aberdeen Council has 517 allotment plots located around 21 sites there also privately ownership sites which were talk about later at the allotment plots vary from 300 m² to 225 m² 250 m² for a half size plot all the way down to micro plot of 50 m² the allotment sizes vary depending on the use needs.

The micro plots are used as an incentive to get people into the allotment growing culture, You can apply for one but they are generally given to people through community projects in various different ways the best way to try and get one is to contact Aberdeen city council directly.


What are Aberdeen private allotments?

Private allotments are usually run by a community project they are non-profit and they are usually to benefit the surrounding area. Private allotments are usually slightly more expensive than council-run allotments but they are also a lot of better-taken care of because they have easier access to funds.

Slopefield allotments are in partnership with Aberdeen city council they were set up in 2010 and they currently have 100 allotment places. It is located just off Craigton Road in Airyhall, Aberdeen. In 2019 slope field allotments were the first in Aberdeen to receive the coveted Flag for the maintenance and care of green spaces.

Sunnybank Park allotment site is located just off of St Machar Drive and it’s boundary farm by King Street near the old railway line they have three size plot for size plots are 100 m² metres micro plots are 2 m x 4 and raise beds are 1 m x 4 these plots are rented privately.

Henry Ford allotments occupies approximately 9 acres of land and is situated behind Auchmill Road in Aberdeen. There are approximately 70 for full size plot and the rest of the plots are half plots and micro plots so they have plots that are suitable for all levels. They have been operating on cultivating for 70+ years and would like to have nice community structured association.

Another option which is slightly different is BonnieNew or green it’s a walled market garden community space and weekend café it’s own developed and sustained by everyone in the community.

What are the costs associated with an Aberdeen allotment?

The high-end costs of an allotment are very rare they are the one off plots that can be associated with private communities. On average the cost to rent a full plot including water per year is roughly about £45-£90 maximum that will give you a decent size plot which will be enough to grow anything that you could want for small household.

Below is a table to show you exactly how much Aberdeen council charges for each individual plot based on size and variation and location.

Plot Size (approx) Annual fee Concession
Full 300m2 £88.07 £44.04
3/4 225m2 £66.02 £33.01
1/2 150m2 £43.98 £21.99
130m2 £41.10 £20.55
110m2 £33.78 £16.89
100m2 £31.42 £15.71
80m2 £25.13 £12.57
50m2 £14.32 No concession
<50m2 £12.67 No concession
Micro plot <50m2 £12.67 No concession

This is a list of all the allotments growing spaces in community gardens around the Aberdeen area.

Community Gardens
Community Gardens

All this information is the basics to move on and start your own allotment in the Aberdeen area. This will show you what type of allotment you need what type of allotment you can get the prices of allotments and the areas in which allotments are available. Obviously, there is a lot more information needed to get on with growing and become a good grower but we will be releasing further posts explaining how we think the best way to To become an allotment grower. We will be sharing tips and tricks and our own experiences with growing for you to become an expert group or in and around Aberdeen area and benefit your community. 

Finding a place to grow in Aberdeen has never been easier or more welcome in the world we live in now. Urban cultivation in allotments maintains soil qualities adversely affected by conventional agriculture (source) it is your responsibility to make it a greener better place with the Aberdeen community is getting on board with this initiative and you should really think about taking advantage of that.