Blackcurrant Cordial

Use up all those blackcurrants without the effort of making jam or jelly.

Add half a pint of water to per lb of blackcurrants in a pan. Bring to the boil and boil for one minute. Next – the laborious bit of straining the liquid though a jelly bag – it helps to strain through a sieve first (actually if you don’t mind it being a little bit ‘cloudy’ don’t bother with the jelly bag just strain through a colander and then through a sieve – much quicker and easier!). Now add three quarters of a pound of sugar per pint of liquid and heat until sugar is dissolved. Pour into glass screw top bottles and seal. Finally pasteurise by placing bottles in a pan of hot water kept at 88 deg C for 30 minutes (if you are going to use it up fairly quickly you can miss this bit). 1lb of fruit yields just under a pint of cordial.

Hints – Works with frozen or fresh fruit. Use a potato masher to bash up the fruit whilst it’s coming to the boil. Haven’t tried it with redcurrants but sure it would work the same.

Top Tip – mix with double cream to make blackcurrant ice cream!