Happy customers saying more nice things... Thank you!

Customer: "It’s so great to have you here just minutes from my shop, saves me going to organic supermarket. Just love all your home grown veg and fruit. Thanks. See you every Friday."

Customer : "Great addition to the Castlegate Market. There is such a lack of shops selling fresh, local produce in Aberdeen.  Great value and excellent taste. Can definitely notice a difference from mass-produced supermarket fruit and veg. Our favourites are mangetout, pea pods and potatoes. Great service always with a smile." 

Customer: "We had an allotment years ago, but can’t work it now. So good to get local produce. It tastes so much better."

Customer (chef from local restaurant): "Sorry this is the last week. Great to have locally produced fruit and veg as we can promote and support the local suppliers. Great staff and volunteers and good prices."

Customer: "Absolutely pleased to get fresh veg and potatoes. Just love them being out of the ground – Fresh Haste Ye Back."

Customer: "Fantastic local produce!"

Customer: "Great to buy from locals rather than the big supermarkets – cheaper too!"

Customer: "Proper, tasty, freshly-grown vegetables. Keep going!"

Customer: "Cannot buy small cucumbers and they are expensive when you find them. Would like to be able to buy them. My husband loves them."

Customer: "Had I not visited the stall I would not have bought (and subsequently eaten!) the same amount of fresh vegetables (peas, kohlrabi, etc.). Through the stall I learnt about/was introduced to fresh healthy food I had no prior knowledge of.  I had never heard of kohlrabi before or would have known how to cook it. Again, this encourages me to eat more fresh vegetables with all the health benefits that will come from that, while supporting the community allotments. I am sure everyone who uses The Allotment Market Stall will have similar very positive experiences. I will definitely be back again for some more good, healthy produce fresh from the allotments."

Customer: "I am going to stuff this marrow with Bolognese sauce and put peppers on the top. I hope the kids will like it."

Customer: "Loved the stall, great-tasting fruit and veg, excellent value. Look forward to your return!"

Customer: "The products I got were fantastic and I look forward to seeing the stall here again."

Customer: "A very welcome development. Local produce should be encouraged. Will look forward to next year’s venture. Keep up the good work."

Customer: "Nobody from my community (Polish) knows where to buy good fruit and veg. You should advertise more on radio, TV, through the council. In the supermarket, you don’t know which potatoes are which. Maybe need more stalls at the Castlegate."

Customer: "Great produce and cheap. Don’t be scared to put up your prices. Castlegate is the best place for it. It’s great to see somewhere different from the supermarkets."