Participating Allotment Sites

Would you like to know more about The Allotment Market Stall in Aberdeen? Information on how TAMS operate, how to join TAMS, and the procedures involved in getting your produce to market is given here.

  • Contact The Allotment Market Stall (TAMS) by email or phone and tell us about yourself and your allotment site.  Alternatively, come along to one of our market stalls for a chat.
  • If you join TAMS, we give you a time slot for a Thursday pick up of produce. We do try to let you know when (morning or afternoon).
  • We arrange to deliver crates to the site and meet with the person who has agreed to be the contact for that site. We deliver three crates to begin with.
  • We will begin picking up the produce the following Thursday after the crates have been delivered.
  • TAMS is responsible for securely labelling the crates. The crates are on loan and will be returned to CFINE at the end of the season.
  • If you are putting in unusual produce that we may not recognise, or a variety of something that is special, then please try to find time to label it and provide some information on it. We can then share that with customers at the market stall.
  • We ask gardeners not to put in produce that has been grown using unlicensed chemicals.
  • We will leave a fresh set of crates for the following week when we uplift produce. You will need to let us know precisely where the crates will be so we can find them.
  • Your produce is weighed and recorded at a secure warehouse at Poynernook Road, where it is stored. There is also a refrigeration unit for storing herbs, salad leaves and soft fruit.
  • What does not sell at the market is taken back to CFINE. CFINE buy what they need wholesale for their community food outlets.
  • CFINE coordinates the food bank network from Poynernook Road, so they also take what they need for the food bank.
  • Anything left at the end of this process is taken to compost.
  • We pay out once at the end of the season to the allotment site. We will pay by BACS into one designated bank account and the proceeds are to be used on the allotments.

It is the responsibility to the allotment site on how the proceeds are used but they must be spent on something associated with the allotments, for example, buying a cold frame, putting the funds into the allotment association bank account to go towards general running costs, improving access to water, buying seeds and plants for the following season, and so on.